Is there a full marathon I can participate in?

No. The SeaWheeze weekend is one half marathon, the other half party! We focus our energy on 21.1 amazing kilometres of racing, all the yoga we can get our hands on, an incredible concert and one big party.

Is there an elite division?

No. But there is a special gift handed out to every single participant!

Are there awards for top finishers?

No. But there is a special gift handed out to every single participant!

Is there a minimum age requirement for the run?

You must be at least 13 years old to participate in the SeaWheeze Half Marathon. If you're under the age of 18, you'll need a parent or guardian to sign a waiver on your behalf at the Package Pickup Party.

Will I be able to check my gear on race day?

Yes! You can check your gear inside the West Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Can I wear headphones during the run?

Yes, but for everyone's safety (and your own maximum enjoyment of Vancouver’s beautiful setting and the race route), we encourage you to run sans headphones. We promise you won’t want to miss anything that’s happening, anyways!

Can I run with my GPS device? I’m scared of getting lost!

Yes, you can certainly run with your GPS device—although getting lost will be hard with all the sweaty people smiling around you.

Can I walk the SeaWheeze Half Marathon?

Yes, we want everyone to enjoy SeaWheeze at the pace that works for them! Just be aware that the course closes four hours after the start of the race, and the finish line will be inactive by noon.

Can I run with a jogging stroller?

No. As much as we love the idea of tiny SeaWheeze fans participating in the race, jogging strollers are not permitted (due to safety issues and a narrow course in some sections).

What kind of timing device will be used?

Chip timing—the electronic kind.

Where can I find a route map?

You can find the route on our "Route Page" or here. It'll give you a good idea of your amazing Vancouver tour. Just be aware that, up until race day, it's subject to change.

Will there be water/aid stations? If so, where?

Yes to both! We are committed to your hydration and on-course nutrition needs. Water and aid stations will be situated approximately every 3km on the route.

Where can I meet up with my friends and family at the finish line?

There will be designated spots around the finish celebration site for you to high five, hug and chest bump your friends and family.

Will there be bathrooms on the course?

Of course! We will have bathrooms located with every aid station along the course.

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