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Is there a training program that comes with the $158 CAD registration fee?

You bet! It's actually a detailed 14-week training plan that will give you everything you need to run the best (and most fun) 21.1km of your life! The program is designed to support both new and experienced runners. Our official trainers and yogis have you covered, no matter your experience level.

Will the stores be having run clubs?

That depends on your location, so please check in with your local store on that one!

There is no run club at a lululemon store in my community. What should I do?

Use our training program! We’ve built it so that you can do it from anywhere, on your own or with friends. And If you’re not totally sure if your local lululemon has a run club, check our store finder feature.

Is the SeaWheeze Half Marathon training program for participants only?

No. Although we did design it to prepare participants for the most fun half marathon ever, anyone is welcome to follow along and use the program. 

When does the training program start?

Monday, May 8.

How far should I be able to run before I start this program?

Ideally you'd be comfortable running for about 45 minutes before starting this program. Walk/running is totally fine too—follow the distances and times we recommend and walk/run at whatever intervals you're comfortable with.

How long is the training?

The SeaWheeze training plan is 14 weeks long. It starts in May and takes you right through to the starting line on August 12.

How many times a week do I train?

The program will have you getting sweaty six days a week at different levels of intensity. We’ve built in lots of yoga and cross-training, so you can mix up your workouts and take it easy on the days you need to.

Can I do indoor running workouts?

Absolutely—running on treadmills is A-OK if that’s your jive.

What kind of training do I do?

The training includes running (duh), yoga, meditation and cross-training (anything from cycling, to swimming, to strength training). This training program is meant to build endurance so you can go the distance on SeaWheeze weekend.

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