14-week Training Calendar

Get ready to get sweaty. Below, the breakdown of all the yoga, run and party you’ll need to practice before the big day.

Download and print this PDF to help keep your training on track, or save it to your phone for easy reference.

Want a sneak peek? Here’s what you can expect from your training program:

Easy Run

Keep it slow and steady on this weekly run—aim to keep your pace at 30-45 seconds/km slower than your planned goal pace. If you need to take walk breaks, keep them short and active.

TIP: Grab a run buddy (or join a local run club) and make these easy runs into a social event. Not only will this help make your training more fun, it will also help you keep a good pace—these runs are best done at a conversational pace.

Interval Run

Always start this run with a 10-minute easy jog to warm up. Your effort level during the intervals should be fairly high—aim for an 8 out of 10. On the weeks that you’re running hills, remember to shorten your stride, aim for quick feet, look to the top of the hill, and pump your arms towards the finish line. Finish this workout off with an easy 10-minute cool-down jog.

Time Trial

This will show up three times throughout your SeaWheeze training plan and is a perfect way to gauge progress and get used to running fast. The aim here is simple: run your time trial distance as quick as you can. Always start with an easy 10-minute jog to warm up and finish with a 10-minute easy walk or jog to cool down.

TIP: To track your improvement, try taking the same route each time.

Long Run

This is a chance to build your endurance week over week and help your body get used to continuous running. Try running this at 30-90 seconds/km slower than your goal race pace. If you need to take walk breaks, keep them short and active. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy that runner’s high—share your post-run views with #SeaWheeze.

Recovery Run

Show your legs some love. These runs are specifically placed after your long runs and are designed to flush your muscles.

TIP: Your recovery runs are paired with a yoga session. We highly suggest making this your Sunday morning ritual: easy run, refreshing yoga, delicious latte. Repeat next week.

Day Off

You’ve earned a break—kick your feet up and relax! Take the time to do something that feels good for your body, whether that’s a gentle stretch, some light cross-training, or a session on the patio. Whatever you do, send us photos of your rest day activities with #SeaWheeze.

Runner’s Warm-Up + Cooldown

Stretching before and after a run helps ease your body into and out of a high-impact activity.

Strengthen Your Stride Workouts

These workouts are designed to help you build optimal strength so you can run faster, more comfortably and with stronger form.

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