This year, we’ve partnered with Race Day Timing Services to bring you a whole bunch of fun, new features to elevate your race day experience. Check out what you can set up for your SeaWheeze 2017 Half Marathon (then let your biggest fans know how they can follow along with your big race).

Digital Cheers

Keep an eye out later in your race for a cheer, just for you. Your biggest supporters can submit cheers, which will start to play when you cross a timing point nearby. After the event, Race Day Timing will send you an email with your cheers (in case you missed them while you were in the zone). You’ll find this here during the week of the event.

Goal Setting

Head over to the Race Day Timing website and set up an account.

Decide whether you’re chasing a time goal, a position goal or are simply aiming to cross the finish line. Once you’ve set it, you can share your goal on Facebook or Twitter.

Real-time Facebook and Twitter Notifications

During the week leading up to SeaWheeze you can go to https://rtrt.me/seawheeze and enable your social media profiles to post notifications of your results.  As you cross the timing points at 5km, 10km, 15km, 20km and the finish line, your stats will be posted live to your enabled accounts.

Post-Race Results

Your official results will be available post race on the results tab to your left. Looking for your SeaWheeze race results from 2012 – 2016, find them here.

Live Map and Athlete Tracking

Share this link with your friends and family so they can follow you on race day. Your splits will be posted in real time as you cross timing points, and your progress will be plotted on an interactive course map.

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