We all have questions—hopefully yours are answered here! (Well at least the SeaWheeze ones.)

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General Info

When is the 2014 lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon?

This year’s SeaWheeze is on Saturday August 23rd, 2014.

Can I get a refund, transfer or deferral?

No refunds, transfers or deferrals are available for this event.

I noticed that you don't offer refunds or transfers, why is this?

We have created this event policy for SeaWheeze based on operational necessities (inventory levels, product shipment, registration data, etc) as well as protecting our runners from liability implications and keeping them safe.

Is there an expo?

We will be hosting a pre-race package pickup on Friday August 22nd from 7am–8pm at the Vancouver Convention Centre (it’s really more adventure than expo). A little music, a splash of pampering and the SeaWheeze showcase store make this a party you won’t want to miss (hello SeaWheeze exclusive gear!)

What am I getting for my $128 CAD entry fee?
  • one INCREDIBLE weekend
  • a pair of exclusive SeaWheeze run shorts (good news – ladies don’t get to have all the fun this year. Gents, you’ll be able to pick between two styles this year too!)
  • a SeaWheeze app to help you build your training program (and your playlist)
  • access to our official yogi and run trainers
  • a fully supported race route complete with aid, water and fueling stations
  • post-race runners brunch
  • ticket to the biggest party of the Summer – the SeaWheeze Sunset Festival
  • yoga, yoga and more yoga

Is there a specific charity associated with the SeaWheeze this year?

No. We support many charitable initiatives in our local and global communities each year through our metta movement program. For more information, visit the the metta movement online.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Send us an email at support@seawheeze.com or give us a call at 1.877.263.9300

How do I get my results?

We will have a link to all results on our website. They will also be available immediately after you cross the finish line.

Note: you will see two times on the result page—the gun time and your personal chip time. Your chip time is the one you want!

Will participants receive follow up emails with event updates?

Yes! We will be sending reminder emails with important weekend event updates and course information. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the most up-to-date information.

How much does entry into the race cost?

$128 CAD, including all applicable taxes and processing fees.

Is there a team or relay division?


What is the partner hotel(s)?

Check out our getting here page to find out everything you need to know about getting to Vancouver, and the where to stay page for our host hotels.

Are the hotels within walking (or running) distance to the start line?

Yes, most of them are.

Is there an official SeaWheeze travel/airline partner?

Yes. Check out all the details on our partner airlines here.

I am coming in from out of town. What will the temperature be like that weekend?

August in Vancouver is unbeatable (at least that’s our opinion). The average temperature is 17˚C (That’s 63˚F for our American friends). It will be chilly in the early morning so you may want to layer up.

Where can I park?

Parking in Vancouver is quite expensive and it’s also at a bit of a premium—we definitely recommend walking. We will have a bike valet so cycling is another great option but there are pay parking lots surrounding and underneath the Vancouver Convention Centre.

When and what streets will be closed?

Complete road closure and traffic impact information will be available by July 30th, 2014.

How do I get my results?

We will have a link to all results on our website. They will also be available immediately after you cross the finish line.

Note: you will see two times on the result page—the gun time and your personal chip time. Your chip time is the one you want!


How many runners will there be?

We are excited to welcome 10,015 runners for SeaWheeze 2014. Why the 15? To celebrate 15 years of lululemon.

Can I bring a friend to the concert or yoga portion of the event?

Registered runners will be able to purchase a plus 1 ticket for a friend during the registration process.

Are there still ways for me to get involved in SeaWheeze 2014?

Want a piece of the SeaWheeze action but are not going to lace up your shoes this year? Volunteer! We need tons of volunteers to support our amazing runners and you’ll be sure to have a weekend to remember yourself. We’ll be opening volunteer registration in Spring 2014.



Is there a waitlist for 2015?

We do not offer priority or waitlisting for our SeaWheeze races. We provide an equal opportunity for people to register each year.

When does registration open for 2015?

Registration opens in January 2015.

What is the date for SeaWheeze 2015?

We’re excited to share it with you as soon as we can. Stay connected with us on facebook and twitter to hear it first.

Package Pickup

Where and when do I pick up my race package?

You can pick up your race package at the West Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre. Come anytime between 7am–8pm on Friday, August 22nd (it’s going to be a party)

What do I need to bring with me to claim my race package?

All you’ll need is photo ID.

Do I also need to bring my confirmation email to the package pickup?

No! Just bring a piece of photo ID and come and join the party.

I am unable to pick up my package. Can someone do it for me?

Yes. You can authorize someone else to pick-up your package on your behalf. You will need to fill out an authorization letter and provide this signed letter to the person picking up your package. You will also need to possess the registered runner’s government issued photo ID and the authorized person’s government issued photo ID. No photocopies or scan will be accepted.

I am unable to come to the package pickup at the designated time—what can I do?

Don’t sweat it (you’ll be doing enough of that on race day). Just email support@seawheeze.com and we can help you out.

Can I pick up my package on race day?



Is there a full marathon I can participate in?

No. The SeaWheeze weekend is one half-marathon, the other half party! We are focusing our energy on 21.1 amazing kilometres, all the yoga we can get our hands on, an incredible concert and a big party.

Is there an elite division?

No. We encourage and welcome runners of all level to come and get sweaty with us.

Are there awards for top finishers?

No. However, a special gift will be handed out to all participants.

Is there a minimum age requirement for the run?

You must be a minimum of 13 years old or older to participate in the SeaWheeze. If you are under the age of 19 you will need a parent or guardian to sign a waiver on your behalf at package pickup.

Where can my friends and family watch?

Oh baby—your crew is going to want to get in on the parties happening in our designated cheer zones. We will be releasing a detailed list of spots sometime in May.

Is there gear check on race day?

There will be a gear check inside the West building of the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Can I wear headphones/iPod during the run?

Yes, however, to ensure everyone’s safety and maximum enjoyment of Vancouver’s setting and the course route, we encourage you to run sans headphones. We promise you won’t want to miss anything that’s happening, anyways…keep those ears open!

Can I run with my GPS device? I’m scared of getting lost!

Yes, you can certainly run with your GPS device—although getting lost will be hard with all the sweaty people smiling around you.

Can I walk the SeaWheeze?

Yes—just be aware that the course closes four hours after the start of the race, and the finish line will be inactive by 11:30am.

Can I run with a jogging stroller?

No. Due to safety issues and a narrow course in some sections, jogging strollers are not permitted.

What kind of timing device will be used?

Chip timing—the electronic kind.

Where can I find a route map?

The “Route” page has a route map that is still subject to change but will give you a good idea of your amazing Vancouver tour. Check it out here.

Will there be water/aid stations? if so, where?

Yes to both! We are committed to your hydration and on-course nutrition needs so will have plenty of aid stations and water stations along the route. Exact locations will be released prior to the event.

Where can I meet up with my friends and family at the finish line?

There will be designated spots around the finish celebration site for you to high five, hug and chest bump your friends and family. A detailed start/finish map will be released closer to the big day.

Will there be bathrooms on the course?

Of course! We will have bathrooms located with every aid station along the course. Exact locations will be released prior to the event.


Is there a piece of clothing that comes with the $128.00 CAD registration fee?
YES! We will be sending you a pair of exclusive SeaWheeze run shorts. This year is not just ladies choice: Gents, you will also be able to select between two different styles (decisions, decisions). Please note that your size and style cannot be guaranteed.

Can I go into a lululemon store and switch the size?

No. Your runner shorts are exclusive to 2014 SeaWheeze runners, and as such they aren’t available in our stores.We are offering an exchange at package pick up on Friday August 22nd from 7am to 8pm. Your size and/or preferred style cannot be guaranteed.

When should I expect to receive my shorts?

Our goal is to have all shorts to runners by May 19th to start your training. However, there is a small possibility that you may not receive your shorts until May 31st. Please note we are doing our best to get them to you as fast as we possibly can.

What are the styles of shorts this year?

Both women and men will have the choice between two styles this year. Check out the info on them here.

It's now May 31st and I have not yet received my shorts. What next?

Please follow up with our friends at FedEx using your unique tracking number that we sent you when your shorts were shipped. They are the experts and will be able to support you in finding your shorts!

Can I select men's shorts if I am a woman?

No, we produced the appropriate number of shorts based on our anticipated gender split in registration. To ensure all runners receive a pair, you must select your own gender. Trust us, you’ll love em!

The shorts I registered for are not the ones I received?

Please reach out to us at support@seawheeze.com, we will confirm which shorts you registered for, and then work with you to find a solution.

I would like a different style/ size of short. Can I exchange them?

Yes. Unworn shorts with the tags still in place can be brought to the solutions desks at package pick up (Vancouver Convention Center) on Friday August 22nd from 7am-8pm.Your size and or preferred style cannot be guaranteed.

I never received my shorts. What should I do?

Please refer to your tracking number in the email we sent you when your shorts shipped and attempt to track your package directly with FedEx. If this doesn’t work, please contact our SeaWheeze support team at support@seawheeze.com or call us at: 1.877.263.9300.

My FedEx tracking number doesn't work. What should I do?

Please contact our SeaWheeze support team at support@seawheeze.com or call 1.877.263.9300.

Can I change my short size and/ or style once I have completed the online shorts selection?

We will be offering an exchange (based on available inventory) on event weekend. Tags must be on and shorts must be unworn.

I chose to "Pick Up" my shorts during the online shorts selection process. What are the details?

 If you chose to “Pick Up” your shorts during the online shorts selection process, you can come pick them up from our Shorts Exchange on Friday August 22nd from 7am and 8pm at the Vancouver Convention Centre. In order to redeem your shorts, you are required to show one piece of government issued photo ID.

I selected "Pick Up" in the online shorts selection process for my runner shorts but am unable to pick up my shorts from the Shorts Exchange at the event. Can someone do it for me?

Yes. You can authorize someone else to pick-up your shorts on your behalf. You will need to fill out an authorization letter and provide this signed letter to the person picking up your runner shorts. You will also need to possess the registered runner’s government issued photo ID and the authorized person’s government issued photo ID. No photocopies or scan will be accepted.

I was not able to select my shorts as part of the online shorts selection process. What now?

Please visit the Shorts Exchange at the event on Friday August 22nd from 7am and 8pm to retrieve your shorts. In order to redeem your shorts, you are required to show one piece of government issued photo ID. You size and/or preferred style cannot be guaranteed and selection will be based on available inventory.

Showcase Store

Where is the SeaWheeze store?

The SeaWheeze showcase store will be located inside the West Building at the Vancouver Convention Center.

What type of product is in this store?

We’re so excited about this Special Edition gear! We designed an entire line of run product inspired by SeaWheeze 2014. This product will not be sold in lululemon stores or online in North America so make sure you check out the SeaWheeze Showcase store.

Will it be open to the public or just runners?

What we can tell you is that we are focused on providing our runners the best store experience ever. We’re also committed to allowing our community to enjoy the festivities of SeaWheeze weekend – this includes being able to share in the SeaWheeze showcase store experience.

When will the store be open?

The store will be open from 7am–8pm on Friday, August 22nd and the majority of race day on August 23rd.


What is lululemon providing us as a training program?

We are providing you with much more than just a training program. We will be providing you with a detailed 14-week training plan that will give you everything you need to run the best 21.1k of your life. The program is designed to support both new and experienced runners. Both our official trainers and yogis have you covered. We will also be updating our iPhone app to support you in your training goals.

Will the stores be having run clubs?

Certain local lululemon stores will be hosting run clubs to gear up for this event (please note that these run clubs will be established based on supporting registration numbers).

Is the SeaWheeze training program for participants only?

No. While engineered for participants of the SeaWheeze, anyone can follow along and utilize the program.

When does the training program start?

The official SeaWheeze training program will start late May. We are in the final stages of creating the perfect training recipe. We will be sure to update you with plenty of time to spare. For now, fall in love with those running shoes!

How far should I be able to run before I start this program?

Ideally you should be able to run for 45 minutes prior to starting this program. Walk/running is fine – follow the distances and times we recommend and walk/run at whatever intervals you are comfortable with.

How long is the training?

The SeaWheeze training plan is 14 weeks, starting on May 19th, and taking you through to the SeaWheeze on August 23rd.

What’s a Fartlek?

Fartlek is Swedish for speed play (don’t worry, no alan key required). Fartlek 3-2-1 training helps build variable intensity into your training. Run 3 minutes at a level 6 effort (out of 10), 2 minutes at a level 7, 1 minute at a level 8 and then repeat.

There is no run club at a lululemon store in my community. What should I do?

Download the app, grab a friend and get running! We’ve built the program so that you can do it from anywhere, on your own or with friends. If you’re not sure if you’re local lululemon has a run club, check our store finder feature.

How many times a week do I train?

The program is designed to have you getting sweaty 6 days a week, at different levels of intensity. We’ve built in lots of yoga and cross-training, so you can mix up your workouts and take it easy for a day if you need to.

Can I do indoor running workouts?

Absolutely – running on treadmills is A-OK if that’s your jive.

What kind of training do I do?

The training includes running (duh), yoga, and cross-training (anything from cycling, to swimming, to strength training). This training program is meant to build endurance so you can go the distance on SeaWheeze weekend.


Do you need event volunteers? Where can I register?

We sure do! Email your name to volunteer@seawheeze.com, and we’ll be in touch!

I want to volunteer. Will I be able to choose a shift time and position?

Yes. There will be an opportunity to select your shift time and position. We will be posting this on our volunteer page closer to the event. Start by getting yourself signed up and we will keep you updated when it’s time to lock in your shift?

I am a runner and would also like to volunteer. Is this possible?

Absolutely! You are officially our favourite type of go-getting participant. There are plenty of volunteer shifts available for Friday, August 22nd. Email your name to volunteer@seawheeze.com, and we’ll be in touch!

Do volunteers get a lululemon shirt for volunteering?

Yes! Volunteers will receive a SeaWheeze shirt as a thank you for making this event come to life.

Sunset Festival

Are tickets to the Sunset Festival refundable?

No, but please feel free to spread the love.  We’re sure one of your friends will enjoy spending time with us!

Are tickets to the Sunset Festival transferable?

The ultimate gift.  As a runner your wristband is not transferable, however tickets to the Sunset Festival can be shared with friends and family.

Is there an afterparty?

Of course! The SeaWheeze Sunset Festival is the post-race celebration for you and your fellow SeaWheezers. Yoga. Party. Food. Drink. Need we say more? Okay, we will: imagine the best lawn party of the summer, with thousands of friends gathering for an all-time high from marathon endorphins, live music and outdoor yoga. In short, it’s going to be awesome. If you’re a registered SeaWheeze runner, keep your wristband on! It’s your hot ticket to the after party.

How do I get in?

As a runner, you receive complimentary access to the Sunset Festival. There may be a limited number of additional tickets released in the coming months. For Sunset Festival ticket availability and announcements, please check out www.seawheeze.com or follow us on twitter and facebook.

What time should I get there?

gates open – 4.30pm

yoga at – 5.30pm

live concert – 7.15pm

Trust us, you’re going to want to get there early to drop your mat and get the best view possible.*Times subject to change


A concert? Who’s playing?

We’re working on bringing an out of this world artist to cap off the ultimate weekend. Stay tuined for all the details.

What kind of yoga is it?

We haven’t finalized details on our Yoga Teacher or class as yet. We can assure it will be the ultimate way to transition between run and party!

Can I bring my kid?

Yes, children younger than 2 can attend for free; children over 2 will need a ticket.

Should I bring a yoga mat?

Yes! All of SeaWheeze is B.Y.O.M., including the Sunset Festival (and we’ll have yoga-mat check available)

What time does it end?

The SeaWheeze Sunset Festival ends at 10:30 pm.

What if it rains?

Bring your poncho, because we’re partying rain or shine! (in Vancouver we don’t let a little thing called rain get in the way of a good time)

How do I get there?

We recommend walking or cycling. We’ll have a by-donation bike valet at the festival venue, and walking groups will leave from the Vancouver Convention Centre starting at 4pm. There is no parking on-site.

Can I catch a ride?

We’ll provide shuttle service from the start/finish line too (note: the shuttles have limited capacity). Check back here in July for the shuttle bus schedule.

The shuttle bus service is for runners and all ticket holders and capacity is limited. The wait for a shuttle could be a half-hour, so please plan accordingly.

Can I bring a stroller on the shuttle?

Sorry, the buses do not have room to accommodate strollers.

Will the shuttle buses stop to pick up my friend? Can we hit up the drive-through on the way?

Sorry, no pit stops. The shuttle will run directly between the Vancouver Convention Centre and Stanley Park (don’t worry, there’s snacks at the festival).

What should I bring?

your yoga mat (it doubles as an excellent concert seat)

warm layers – it cools off when the sun goes down

water (you can refill your bottle at the festival)

cash – we’ll have ATM’s on site, but do you really want to wait in that line?

2 forms of ID for the licensed beer & wine patio if that’s your jam

credit card – no cash? don’t want to hit up the ATM line? pay with plastic

Sunscreen- duh

don’t bring:

food or booze – we’ve got it all on-site and will be doing bag cheks at the gate

lawn or camping chairs – leave ‘em at home and sit on your yoga mat

Can I park?

there’s no auto parking at the festival, but we’ll have a by-donation bike valet! (and with a guest list of 15,000 do you really want to drive?)

My friend is volunteering, should I buy them a ticket?

Nope! Volunteer wristbands are tickets to SeaWheeze Sunset Festival (tell your friend to keep the wristband on!)

I just ran a half-marathon. I could really go for a beer. Can I get one there?

Yes! There is a licensed patio area on site where you can purchase beer and wine. Bring 2 pieces of ID for access to the bevvie patio.

I just burned like 2,000 calories. Where can I eat?

We’ll have food for sale at the festival. Standing in line at the ATM is nobody’s best life, so bring some cash. Don’t bring anything to eat or drink with you.

Can I leave my mat somewhere after I Down my Dog?

Yes – there will be a free mat check on-site (but wouldn’t you rather sit on it during the concert?)

How much are tickets? What’s included?

$25, including all taxes and fees. The ticket includes access to an epic outdoor yoga class, the live concert, shuttles, on-site food* and beverages* and a licensed beer and wine patio* (*for purchase)

What about Sunset Festival tickets?

Runners receive complimentary entry to the party. There may be a limited number of tickets released in the coming months. For Sunset Festival ticket availability and announcements, please check out www.seawheeze.com or follow us twitter and facebook.


Can I purchase a ticket for Sunset Festival only?

There may be a limited number of tickets released in the coming months. For Sunset Festival ticket availability and announcements, please check out www.seawheeze.com or follow us twitter and facebook.

Why is the attendee name next to my additional Sunset Festival tickets not my name?

The name you put under the billing address will appear beside your additional Sunset Festival tickets. Don’t worry, these tickets can still be used for any friend or family member you choose to give them to. 

Where are my Sunset Festival tickets?

We’ll be sending only ONE PDF for your runner registration and Sunset Festival tickets. Open the registration PDF and scroll down – you’ll see your tickets there.