Get Ready

We want to make you sweat.

The 2014 SeaWheeze is August 23rd. It’s never too soon to start thinking about training…


It may be stating the obvious but we think training for a half marathon is important.  To support you in this, in May 2014 we’re launching a 14-week training plan developed by one of our ambassadors, our official SeaWheeze run trainer.  Our app re-launch will happen at the same time so you’ll be ready to rip, fully supported with a training program, an app, and your SeaWheeze shorts.


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As a cross-training tool for running, an opportunity to zen out after a strenuous day, or a way to build strength and power, we think yoga is the perfect complement to both SeaWheeze weekend and your training plan. Most of our lululemon locations offer complimentary in-store yoga and also love to support SeaWheeze runners in their goals so make sure to check out your local store.

On SeaWheeze weekend, yoga will be readily available on both Friday and Saturday. From pre-race warm-up to post-race stretch, we’ve got you covered.


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