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We want to make you sweat.

The 2014 SeaWheeze is August 23rd. Training starts on Monday, May 19th and our updated SeaWheeze App is ready to download! We designed the app to be one part pocket sized personal trainer, one part DJ and one part Vancouver city guide. This year we have iPhone and Android versions, so download, get sweaty and get ready!

Not an iOS or Android user? Download a PDF of the Tacklebox training program here.



It may be stating the obvious but we think training for a half marathon is important. To support you in this, on May 19th we’re launching a 14-week training plan developed by one of our ambassadors, our official SeaWheeze run trainer. The app for SeaWheeze 2014 is ready, get it here (iPhone and Android) so you’ll be ready to rip, fully supported with a training program, an app, and your SeaWheeze shorts.

To download the Strength Circuit Training guide mentioned in the Tacklebox training program click here.

To help you prepare for every twist and turn along the race route, we created a series of videos. Check them out below!

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As a cross-training tool for running, an opportunity to zen out after a strenuous day, or a way to build strength and power, we think yoga is the perfect complement to both SeaWheeze weekend and your training plan. Most of our lululemon locations offer complimentary in-store yoga and also love to support SeaWheeze runners in their goals so make sure to check out your local store.

On SeaWheeze weekend, yoga will be readily available on both Friday and Saturday. From pre-race warm-up to post-race stretch, we’ve got you covered.

The below practice, led by SeaWheeze yoga video ambassador Goldie Kaufenberg, is perfect to use on any of your yoga days in the Tacklebox training plan or whenever you need to get a little bendy!

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SeaWheeze App

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.17.56 AM

We designed the SeaWheeze app to be one part pocket sized personal trainer, one part DJ and one part Vancouver city guide. Our 14 week training programs includes cross training, yoga and running options designed to help you reach your running goals, regardless if you’re training for SeaWheeze or another half marathon. The app lets you track your training, share your progress and listen to incredible music to keep you motivated. You can also access live race results and weekend event details – just think of the app as your SeaWheeze concierge. This year we have iPhone and Android versions, so download, get sweaty and get ready!

Strava App

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.18.23 AM

Strava is the online network that connects the global community of athletes. Using GPS technology from either a smartphone or watch, Strava tracks and visualizes your activities and provides a motivational community of like-minded runners.

Strava can be a very powerful tool in your SeaWheeze training, whether you are looking to run a new distance, set a PR or analyze your workouts. You can plan routes, track your training and follow your performance over time, as well as share photos and send kudos and comments to encourage fellow runners.

The free Strava app is available on iOs and Android, and runners can sign up and use a GPS device to upload their activities. Strava is compatible with many devices, including Garmin and Timex. You can also find a link to Strava in the SeaWheeze app under the ‘My training’ section.

Join the Lululemon Club on Strava and start training with your friends!

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