You’ve probably picked up on this, but we’re obsessed with our hometown. And we love sharing Vancouver’s stunning views, fresh air, and incredible community with runners from all over the world.

We make intentional decisions to plan the lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon with current environmental and socially responsible best practices in mind, as well as an eye to how we can lead the way and innovate for a better future.

Read on to learn how we aim to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize our fun footprint.


Venues and Transportation

• Our home base, the Vancouver Convention Centre, is double LEED® Platinum certified.
• Our start and finish lines are both in downtown Vancouver to minimize runner transportation.
• Our hotel partners are within walking distance of the Vancouver Convention Centre as well as the start and finish lines.
• We partner with car-share programs, bike valets, and shuttles to encourage travel that minimizes emissions.


Food, Beverage, and Packaging

• The fuel and hydration at our aid stations comes in packaging that is compostable and recyclable. We compost nearly 100,000 cups every year!
• We support local businesses where possible to responsibly source products, including FSC-certified paper and recycled plastic items.
• All food and beverage packaging at SeaWheeze weekend is compostable or recyclable in the city of Vancouver—we work closely with our catering partner to meet this core commitment.
• We have water stations at Jack Poole Plaza and Sunset Festival so it’s possible for SeaWheezers to bring their own reusable bottles instead of single-use plastics.


Communication and Collaboration

• We deliver our guest and volunteer communications digitally via email and social media.
• We create an app experience on SeaWheeze weekend so our guests have the latest information in the palm of their hand.
• We educate all vendors and partners on our event sustainability commitments so SeaWheeze is the best it can be.


Waste Management

• We work closely with Green Chair Recycling to support waste diversion for waste produced by our guests and our operations, including metals, soft plastics, wood and more.
• We educate our guests on properly sorting their waste at waste stations on Jack Poole Plaza and at Sunset Festival.
• We donate clothing left at the start line as well as unused water and food resources to local organizations.


Social Impact

We know community is a big part of our event footprint. That’s why SeaWheeze is amplifying the work of two very special organizations led by lululemon global ambassadors. Learn more about lululemon’s social impact program Here to Be and our SeaWheeze 2020 partners here.

For more information on lululemon’s global work in sustainability, visit our sustainability page here.

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